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The Philippines is recognized throughout the world for its sense of reception and kindness. For decades, the country has been known as the smile archipelago, thanks to its very beautiful ways.

We at Liwayway wish to continue, preserve and cherish its beautiful values through our original illustrations. Each sketch represents a Filipino child from 8 different regions, North and South of the country, dressed in traditional clothing. Each one of these illustrations sends a message about the good manners and beautiful values of the Filipino people. The lather can then transmit his message tot he community. The child who tells a story is valued and, as we know, when a child tells a story to another, the message will be more remembered more easily and transmitted from mouth to ear.

We at Liwayway advocate the importance of preserving our environment. With that, we have made this plate to serve as a chic, eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper. Eat, have fun and look pretty: all these in one plate!

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