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We are very happy to see once again the delight of our customers for our latest creation: "Coral"! We are particularly proud of it because as connoisseurs of creation and design know, the covid period is absolutely not favourable to production with all the difficulties that one can imagine and understand for a small local manufacturer. But here we are: patience, perseverance and the result is really beautiful! Imagine that each plate is painted by hand, a golden outline adds chic to it. Each plate is then unique! An artisanal work you will have understood! The only machine is the oven for baking the plates and fixing the painted motifs.

It is an ethical commitment on the part of the founders of Liwayway: to produce in the Philippines all that is possible, in spite of the technical difficulties as well as the deadlines and the costs. For more than 3 years our customers have been very happy with the quality of our products and this proves us right to persist in producing as much as possible in the Philippines 🇵🇭 rather than abroad to have quick turnaround, large quantities and above all much lower costs. But the story is not the same anymore... So here are our coral plates! They will bring elegance and travel to your table! They will allow you to be proud to participate in the Philippine Luxury.


We advise our customers not to put the dishes in the dishwasher: even if it is possible, it is not recommended. As with any handmade object, it deserves the same level of care as the work that went into making it.

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