Our story

🌞 At the beginning

Liwayway is the story of joyful and creative humanitarian professionals who are weary from waiting and relying on the goodwill of their donors to run a children's foundation in the Philippines.

Since 1995 the foundation has been organizing sales of handicrafts to finance the programs. Following the success of these sales in France, Hong Kong, Singapore, the foundation creates its own design ranges with unique and exclusive decorative objects. The success of the creations is renewed, contributing largely to the financing of humanitarian action.

In 2017, the team in Manila creates Liwayway in order to distribute and market the creations more widely.
This is the story of a beautiful encounter and a long way between French and Filipino culture!

🌞 Share & embrace Filipino culture and values

We, at Liwayway wish to continue, preserve and cherish the beautiful Filipino values and culture through our various products.

Liwayway is the modern and luxurious shaping of Philippine emblems: plant, animal, religious or historical symbols. It is the desire to highlight and put Filipino plurality on the front page. A trip from north to south via the capital. Taking the road by jeepney, stopping by Banaue to admire the god Bulul. Spending nights under the roof of a bahay kubo then driving south along the pineapple fields, admiring the strength of majestic carabaos on the rice fields.

🌞 Environment

We at Liwayway advocate the importance of preserving our environment. With that, we have made products such as our plates to serve as a chic, eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper.